Plot Bunny Graveyard

where bunnies go to die.

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Where plot bunnies go to die.

Welcome to the Graveyard, where plot bunnies go to die!

Do you have too many plot bunnies gnawing at your brain? Do you want to write fan fiction, but have no plot bunnies (you lucky bastard, you!)? Here is the place for you! At the Plot Bunny Graveyard, you can kill those bunnies by posting your ideas. You can adopt abandoned bunnies and stories. You can come up with strange and unnatural crossover ideas.

  • Be respectful of other bunny killers.
  • This is not a BBQ, no flames. Con-crit, on the other hand, is loved.
  • All pictures and fics over 200 words under cuts.
  • Post a comment before resurrecting a bunny.
  • All posts must be tagged appropriately!
  • This community is flagged with adult concepts, if you post anything above, please adjust your post.
  • Introduction posts are encouraged, but not necessary.
  • If you would like to advertise in the comm, please send a mod a message first.