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Torchwood, Abandoned WiP: Ideation

Earlier this year I declared a personal WiP Amnesty Day -- cleared out some stuff I’m neither going to finish nor (I don't think) cannibalize for other fic. On any of these, anybody who wants to grab it and finish it, or mine it for plot-bunnies, or anything in between – feel free. Which is why I thought I'd post links here:

Fandom: Torchwood

Pairing: None, maybe a bit Ianto/Jack. Could go heavier if you wanted.

Summary: Post Cyberwoman, Ianto's experiencing suicidal ideation

Interested? Click here.


NCIS Plotbunny

Fandom: NCIS
Pairing: McGee and Mr. Palmer (yes he has a 1st name, I just prefer Mr. Palmer)
Other Information:
I'm imagining a sort of understated, secretive type relationship.  Anything McGee centric is awesome.  Other than that the floor is open, have at it, and make it spiffy!

Intro Post

Hi there, stumbled across the community and thought I would join.  A friend and I have a similar community, but it is focused on the House fandom.

My fandoms are House MD, NCIS, Kingdom (with Stephen Fry), Jeeves and Wooster, and Primeval to name just a few out of many.

I write mostly for House and most of my stories are of the House/Wilson variety although I enjoy other 'ships such as House/Cuddy, Wilson/Amber, Wilson/Cuddy, House/Kutner, House/Wilson/Amber, House/Wilson/Cuddy.  Okay, most all 'ships in that fandom with the exception of House/Cameron and House/Chase. 

I write to relax, it and fandom are not srs bsns to me.  It is recreation and enjoyment plain and simple. 

So, that is about it, anything more about me, you can find on my profile, or feel free to ask, I won't bite and even if I do, I have had all my shots :)  Look forward to snapping up some great plot bunnies, in fact saw one I am considering already.

Twilight/HP plot bunny

Fandoms: Twilight, Harry Potter
Pairings: Harry Potter/Cedric Diggory, Harry Potter/Edward Cullen, Edward Cullen/Bella Swann
Genres: Crossover, Romance

This is brought to you by the fact that Cedric Diggory and Edward Cullen are played by the same person.

So, Harry Potter and Cedric Diggory were a couple for the whole fourth book, which is why Harry was so messed up after he died. He goes through the War, always dreaming of Cedric, and the only reason he didn't cut and run was because he was driven by revenge. After the War, Harry needs to decompress and deal with his grief, so he moves to Forks. Once there, he runs into Edward on a sunny day, and is convinced that Edward is Cedric as an angel. Harry becomes obsessed with finding "Cedric", but he soon finds out that Edward is a vampire and "dating" Bella. Harry now thinks that Edward is Cedric reborn in some crazy way, and wants Edward to fall in love with him, and turn him so he can be with "Cedric" forever.

I'm stuck on if Harry should be dark and kill Bella, kidnap Edward, etc. or if Edward should fall in love with Harry. In keeping with the Twilight books, it might be fun to have Edward go crazy over Harry's scent, and drop Bella like a hot rock, leaving her to be with Alice. Harry unlockign Alice's past as a human could be cool, too.

Welcome to all new members!

I know it doesn't say anything either way in the rules/FAQ, but please feel free to post introduction posts, preferably with the tag 'introduction'. Just something about yourself, why you like to write, what fandoms you're in, etc.

'Alcoholic characters' plot bunny

Fandoms: House, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, NCIS, Highlander, Stargate, whatever else
Genera: Angst, Crossover, Drama

So I was re-reading A Life in Ruins, which is a Stargate SG1 AU about Daniel Jackson being an alcoholic, and the downward spiral he goes on. So, this got me thinking - what if other characters were in the story? How would they react? What would drive them to drink? For the crossover aspect, I was thinking they could meet at an AA meeting, and each tell their stories. (This could also work really well as a round robin.)

Characters I had in mind:
Dr. James Wilson, House
Dr. Robert Chase, House
Dr. Lisa Cuddy, House
Xander Harris, Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Dawn Summers, Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Special Agent Tony DiNozzo, NCIS
Methos, Highlander (more of a parody then anything else)
Richie Ryan, Highlander
Dr. Daniel Jackson, Stargate SG1

BtvS/HIghlander plot bunny

Fandoms: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Highlander
Genre: Crossover

Can a girl be a pre-Slayer and a pre-Immortal at the same time? What if a Slayer dies, and becomes an Immortal? Is the next Slayer called (if the story takes place before all the Slayers are called)? Does becoming an Immortal cancel out the Slayer-ness? How would a Slayer do in the Game?

Do you have too many plot bunnies gnawing at your brain? Do you want to write fan fiction, but have no plot bunnies (you lucky bastard, you!)? Here is the place for you! At the Plot Bunny Graveyard, you can kill those bunnies by posting your ideas. You can adopt abandoned bunnies and stories. You can come up with strange and unnatural crossover ideas.

  • Be respectful of other bunny killers.
  • This is not a BBQ, no flames. Con-crit, on the other hand, is loved.
  • All pictures and fics over 200 words under cuts.
  • Post a comment before resurrecting a bunny.
  • All posts must be tagged appropriately!
  • This community is flagged with adult concepts, if you post anything above, please adjust your post.
  • Introduction posts are encouraged, but not necessary.
  • If you would like to advertise in the comm, please send a mod a message first.

Brief FAQ

What can I post?
Plot bunny summaries, drabbles, stories, manips, round robins, fan vids, and research requests are all acceptable. All stories/drabbles/manips/fan vids must be either based on a posted bunny which you have resurrected, or offered to the Graveyard for others to resurrect. Story searches, community pimping, and stories not based on a bunny are unacceptable.

Wow, you have a lot of fandoms!  But, mine's not on the list.  Can I still post my bunny?
Of course you can!  We expect people to have lots of different fandoms that aren't on our growing list.  Post your bunnies, request a tag, and we'll add it.

How do I offer a bunny?
To offer a bunny, you must post with the fandom/fandoms, pairing, and summery of the story. If you have written part of the story, that may be posted as well, but please note if others can take what you have written or not.

How do I resurrect a bunny?
Post a comment on the bunnies' post, letting the original author know you are resurrecting a bunny. When you have finished your story (or have gotten as far as you can), post it here for all to read, with a link to the bunny post. More than one person can take a bunny.

How do I post a story?
All stories must be posted with a header that details the title, fandoms, pairings, genres, rating, word count/length, etc, and a link to the original bunny.

How do I start a round robins?
To start a round robin, post what you have written, along with the story header.

How do I continue a round robin?
Only robins started here can be continued here. When you continue a robin, do not copy and past the past story into your post. Instead, post a link to the past part when you post your story. Robins are first come, first serve.

Why do I have to tag my entries?
All posts must be tagged with their contents for easy searching, but please only use the tags on the official list.  If you aren't sure what to tag with, try your best, and our tag-happy mod will amend as she sees fit.

How do I request a tag?
Tags for authors, pairings, genres, fandoms, crossovers, fics, round robins, and anything else must be requested by comment in this post. A mod will respond when the tag has been added.

What do I put in an introduction post? Why should I post one?
A bit about yourself, what you like to write (fandoms/pairings/genres), how long you've been writing, etc are all great things to put into your introduction post. As an added bonus, it allows me to be able to update the tags with your fandoms and pairings before you need them.

What do I do if I have a question that's not on here?
Post a comment or message one of the mods - sweetinsanity90  or little_miss_tin