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Twilight abandonded WIP

This bit me in the arse, but as I don't really write Twilight, I thought I'd offer it for others to play with.

Fandom: Twilight

Bella never liked glitter. While the rest of the girls in her ballet class ohhed and ahhed over the thousands of sequence sewn into their costumes, and the costumes of others, Bella always stayed silent, wanting to cover each shimmering bead with black tar. When she was in middle school, every girl wore shirts with rhinestones and jeans covered in glitter. She dressed in plain cotton and jeans that didn't glisten in the hot Arizona sun. Even her sparse jewelry didn't glitter, instead made of shells, embroidery floss, turquoise, twine, and brushed metal. The lack of glitter was one of the only things she liked about Forks, since the clouds defused the sun into a pearly light that glinted gently off all the smooth surfaces in the world. The rain sparkled, the ice glistened, and the snow glittered - but she could deal with that.

Everything about Edward glittered. From his skin in the dim sunlight, to his eyes filled with self hate and piety, to his stupid shiny silver Volvo. His words glistened, and his jewelry shone with light. And Bella hated everything that glittered. Except for him.


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