December 31st, 2008

Throwing the Universe

Response to kickair8p's "Ordinairy Lives"

Kickair8p posted on this community with a plot bunny WiP about the Doctor becoming mortal for Joan in "Family of Blood"
This is a plot bunny spawned off of that idea!

Fandom: Dr. Who
Genre: Romance/Possible angst (as with all my ideas!)
Idea: "I can't help but thinking as I began your story ["Ordinairy lives", WiP], what if Joan learned to love the Doctor? Just say that she became a companion (I love Martha, but the Doctor can have multiple companions!), and then you'd have the added drama of him living for forever and her being mortal." --My comment to kickair8p.  I would also like the dynamic between Martha and Joan to be played with, when we last left that relationship Joan was still a bit racist, mostly due to her upbringing, and Martha hated her.  How would that evolve, especially considering Martha's crush on the Doctor.  Just have fun with it!